Travel 503 Electric Outboard Motor, Short Shaft



SpecificationsInput Power:?500WVoltage:?29.6VOutput Power Watts:?220W (1.5hp equiv. propulsive power, 2hp equiv. thrust)Shaft Length:?24 7/8?Remote Control:?No (can add remote throttle)Battery Type:?Internal Waterproof (IP67)Integrated Battery:?320 Watt hour lithium-manganese (11 Ah @29.6V)Battery Life:?42min. full-throttle; 2hr. half-throttleMax. Propeller Speed in RPM:?700Steering Type:?Twist tiller, 360? lockableGearing:?F-R continuously variableWeight:?28.4lb. total; motor 19.6lb.; battery 8.8lb.


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