GNX? Wireless Wind Pack with Wireless Wind Sensor and Display



GNX Wind InstrumentGNX Wind gives you the wind data necessary to make confident decisions. Featuring high-visibility, glass-bonded backlit monochrome LCD display with customizable backlight colors, GNX Wind interfaces through the NMEA 2000 network to show two data fields and a digital wind rose simultaneously to display true and apparent wind data, steering guidance, boat speed and more.?Low power consumption of 350mW daylight (no backlight) and 400mW nighttime (mid-level backlight) is perfect for sailboats. Customizable user settings allow you to configure the screen layout to your preferred setting.?Display configurations include more than 15 important marine parameters for wind, speed and navigation. It can even wirelessly connect to a quatix? 3 GPS marine smartwatch via ANT? technology to stream wind data directly to your wrist. ?Wind Wireless 2 TransducerWind Wireless 2 offers an easy-to-install solution that eliminates running wires through masts up to 50′ tall. Accurate wind signals are sent via an ANT connection directly to a GNX Wind instrument or to a compatible Garmin GPSMAP? chartplotter.?The transducer features renowned Nexus? twin-fin technology with a three-bladed propeller, providing accurate wind speed and stable wind angle in lighter wind conditions.


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