AP70 Thruster Pack with AP70, AC70, RF300 and SD80



SpecificationsAP 70Display Type:?Bonded 16-bit color TFT, CCF backlightingDisplay Size:?5″ diagonalScreen Resolution:?480 x 480Data Interface:?CAN Bus, Ethernet, USBVoltage:?12/24V DCPower Consumption:?0.7/0.4A at 12V DC, 0.4/0.3A at 24V DCNMEA 2000 Load Equivalent Number (LEN):?1Weight:?2.6lb.Dimensions:?5 11/16″W x 9″L x 2 1/2″DAC 70Motor/Solenoid Drive:?30A continuous, 50A for 1 sec.On/off Solenoid Control of Rudder/Thruster:?12/24V DC, load range 10mA to 10A, off curret <1mAClutch Bypass Current:?0.10mA-3ARudder Angle Frequency Input:?15V, 1.4 to 5kHz, resol. 20Hz/?NFU Port/Starboard Input and Mode Indicator Output:?External open/close contact, common ret, contact current max 30mAExternal Alarm Output for Buzzer/Relay:?Max 100mA, voltage level as local supplyElectric Vehicle Control Output:?CAN via SG05Waterproof Rating:?IPX2Dimensions:?7"W x 8 5/16"L x 2 3/8"Mount:?BulkheadRF300Dimensions:?6 15/16" dia. x 2 9/16"HWeight:?1.1lb.Waterproof Rating:?IP56Mount:?Horizontal, vertical or upside down Cable: 33'SD80Configurable Handshake Interface:?YesRemote FU/DP Select:?YesSystem Deselect Interface:?YesAutopilot Computer Redundancy:?YesNetworking:?IEC61162-3NMEA 2000 Load Equivalent Number (LEN):?2Analog Voltage Control of Rudder/Thruster, Internal Supply:?Range ?10V, max load 5mAAnalog Voltage Control of Rudder/Thruster, External Supply:?Supply range: 5-24V DC; Control range: 5-95% of supply range with zero ref at min or half ref; Voltage, max load 5mAAnalog Current Contorl of Rudder/Thruster:?4-20mA


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