ACM100 NMEA 2000 Alternating Current Monitor



Maretron’s ACM100 is a device which monitors AC power sources and outputs information about these sources onto the industry standard NMEA 2000? marine data network. ACM100 output information is then displayed with networked NMEA 2000? equipment such as the Maretron DSM250 dedicated display or with NMEA 2000? compatible software such as Maretron N2KView?.NMEA 2000? InterfaceWaterproof ConnectorsSealed Waterproof EnclosureOpto-Isolated from NMEA 2000? Eliminating Potential Ground LoopsMonitoring of busses carrying AC power and transmitting:?
– Voltage?
– Frequency? Monitoring AC Power Sources such as Utilities and Generators and transmitting:?
– Voltage – Current?
– Frequency?
– Real Power?
– Reactive Power?
– Apparent Power?
– Power Factor?
– Total Energy Imported?
– Total Energy Exported


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